Economic Vision


Carlsbad needs an economic vision committed to attracting and retaining the talent and businesses of Clean tech. Creating clean tech careers in Carlsbad will allow residents, now and in the future, the opportunity to find excellent paying careers close to home.

In Carlsbad, approximately 25%-35% of all capital revenue is currently received as a result of development revenues. This ends once we hit our "build-out" point. Tourism and hospitality are dependent upon the fluctuating health of the economy and often exacerbate issues of community concern such as increased traffic, and often create less-stable and lower paying service industry jobs. To ensure our youth can afford to grow and raise their own families in Carlsbad, we need to invest in their future by creating new viable opportunities close to home.

Clean technology is any product or service that improves operational performance, productivity, or efficiency while reducing costs, inputs, energy consumption, waste, or environmental pollution.” Clean tech is more than green: "Cleantech is new technology and related business models offering competitive returns for investors and customers while providing solutions to global challenges." Clean and green tech are set to become the biggest business drivers in San Diego and I believe Carlsbad is perfectly situated to be the premiere location for these highly compatible and lucrative industries in our region.

I have been working with Clean Tech experts (from private innovators to a variety of others in various utility sectors) to develop a way forward for utility-scale energy storage on the Encina Power Plant property. This will serve to move us toward energy and water security, while solving two of the main concerns with desalination: high energy intensity and the high cost of desalinated water.

Sharing the concepts with local BlueTech innovators has uncovered the opportunity to develop multiple hydroelectric energy generators around the Encina site. The utility-scale storage facility would capture and store excess hydroelectric energy not being used. Coupled with an interactive and education-based Blue and Clean Tech innovation center on the property, Carlsbad would become a key center of education and innovation in the Blue and Clean Tech fields, while shifting rapidly toward a 100% renewable energy future. Our local goal could be 100% renewable energy by 2035.

Through Community Choice Energy, incentivizing rooftop solar, and the capacity for utility-scale energy storage on the Encina Power Plant property, we will further provide Carlsbad ratepayers financial opportunities as small-scale energy generators within the program.

In addition, a research and development campus on the Encina Power Plant property would allow access to this innovative model of energy and water security for scientists, engineers, and academics. Not only would this shine a spotlight on the collaborative excellence and global leadership of Carlsbad and our key partners, but it would positively impact our local economy by attracting international conferences and sustainability experts to Carlsbad year-round.