The following leaders have joined Team Cori and support a brighter vision for Carlsbad:

Betty T. Yee, California State Controller
Toni Atkins, State Senate President pro Tempore
Kevin De León, Senate President pro Tempore Emeritus
Todd Gloria, State Assemblymember
Mary Salas, Mayor of Chula Vista
Serge Dedina, Mayor of Imperial Beach
Catherine Blakespear, Mayor of Encinitas
Tasha Boerner-Horvath, Encinitas City Councilwoman
Lorraine Wood, Former Carlsbad City Councilwoman
Olga Diaz, Escondido City Councilwoman
Chris Orlando,San Marcos City Councilmember
Lesa Heebner, Former Solana Beach Councilwoman
Mara Elliott, San Diego City Attorney
Georgette Gómez, San Diego City Councilwoman, District 9
Chris Ward, San Diego City Councilmember, District 3
Barbara Bry, San Diego City Councilwoman, District 1
David Arambula, Lemon Grove City Councilmember
Mark West, Imperial Beach City Councilmember
Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft, Alameda City Councilmember

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The following organizations are among those that have endorsed Cori for Mayor:










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