Candidates announced for local races

CARLSBAD CITY COUNCIL, DISTRICT 1 (Incumbent Mark Packard will not run, extending deadline to Wednesday) Linda Breen, Tracy Carmichael, Barbara Hamilton, David McGee CITY COUNCIL, DISTRICT 3 (Incumbent Michael Schumacher will not run, extending the deadline to Wednesday) Priya Bhat-Patel, Corrine Busta MAYOR Matt Hall (incumbent), Cori Schumacher Continue reading

City officials challenge county's airport plan

In addition, some, such as Councilwoman Cori Schumacher, are hoping the city’s efforts will lead to more transparency in the document from San Diego County, which owns and operates the airport. Continue reading

Politics Report: Caruso Mall Haunts Carlsbad Mayoral Race

Here’s a twist: Schumacher is running with the backing of an unlikely ally: the Republican she beat in 2016. “Cori is an amazingly ethical person, so important for the position of mayor,” Lorraine Wood said in a campaign video. “Cori also operates at the ceiling of ethics, not in the basement.” Continue reading

Carlsbad amends short-term vacation rental ordinance

"...Councilwoman Cori Schumacher said the issue affects affordable housing options. Continue reading

Village and Barrio Master Plan gets green light

Schumacher proposed a compromise to the height limit, saying a 35-foot limit should be set, with an incentive to developers to include more affordable housing, thus receiving credits or fewer fees to cut costs and ensure a project’s financial viability. If a developer were to include more affordable housing, they would receive a waiver to build up to 45 feet. Schumacher also attempted to include more specificity for architectural designs to match those already in the Village. She, like many residents, said it is crucial for the neighborhoods to keep their charm, identity and small-town, beach feel. Continue reading

New Master Plan approved for Carlsbad's Village, Barrio

Hall did not vote to avoid a potential conflict of interest over downtown property that he owns. Schumacher wanted some changes, including clearer language and stricter limits on building heights. “This is developer-driven development,” Schumacher said after no other council members supported her suggestion to create a board of experts to review the architectural designs for proposed downtown projects. Her other ideas included a proposal to limit all new Village buildings to a maximum height of 35 feet, instead of the 45-foot limit permitted in both the old and new plans, but allow the 45-foot maximum on some buildings as an incentive for developers to include affordable housing. Continue reading

Carlsbad to allow 'temporary restrictions' on public gatherings

The initial reading of the ordinance passed 3-1, with Councilwoman Cori Schumacher opposed and Councilman Mark Packard absent. No residents addressed the council on the issue. Schumacher said she was concerned about “the chilling effect” that the prohibition of masks could have on people’s freedom of expression. Continue reading

Carlsbad sticks to anti-sanctuary resolution

The 3-1 vote, with Cori Schumacher opposed and Mark Packard absent, affirmed a decision the council made at a lightly attended special meeting May 21. Council members said residents had asked them to take a position on the hot-button issue. “I am adamantly opposed to this resolution,” Schumacher said Tuesday, adding that any stance on such a controversial issue can only divide the community and detract from more important city work that needs to be done. Continue reading

Carlsbad joins federal lawsuit against California

Carlsbad City Councilmember Cori Schumacher joined Good Morning San Diego to discuss the council’s decision to join the federal lawsuit against California over Sanctuary laws. Schumacher is the only one who voted against joining the lawsuit. Continue reading

Community center and garden latest features at Pine Avenue Park

Councilwoman Cori Schumacher applauded the building’s commitment to clean and green technology with LED lights, electric vehicle parking and one-third of the power coming from solar. Continue reading