I have lived in Carlsbad for 12 years and have been a resident of North County for over 30 years. Carlsbad is a gem of a coastal community that I will fight to preserve and protect. Our quality of life is as rooted in our history, as it is in how we collaborate toward our community’s vision of our future.

When I ran for Council in 2016, I made a commitment to Carlsbad to put our residents first. As I run for Mayor, I will continue to put our residents before development interests, real estate interests, or competing interests that do not serve the heart and health of our community.

I stand with the thousands of community members who have spoken with me through recent years demanding that city leadership protect our small beach town feel, preserve our open space, and center our residents’ quality-of-life in decision-making. I will continue my pledge to center you, our residents, while ensuring we maintain a vibrant economic future for generations to come.

Key elements of this vision and commitment include:


Carlsbad’s City Hall has been closed off to residents for too long. 

Since becoming your Councilwoman, I have fulfilled my commitment to transparency with office hours, consistent newsletters including updates on Council decisions, and holding community meetings on impactful issues, such as the Palomar Airport Master Plan and Affordable Housing and Homelessness. As Mayor, I will continue this trend, while expanding transparency with a data-driven, web-based “Engagement Hub,” through which our residents can more effectively and easily engage with our local government on everything from planning to traffic concerns. This will allow residents to engage city staff with ease and increase direct democracy.

Listening to and engaging with Carlsbad residents is the most valuable way I can serve our community, and I will continue to create opportunities to do so.


I am committed to supporting a healthy diversity of business in Carlsbad in order to keep our local economy robust and resilient.

Nearly one-third of Carlsbad’s revenue comes from developer fees and tourism that are unreliable and unpredictable. We can implement a strong and sustainable economic vision by focusing on Green, Clean, and Blue technology that will provide our residents, now and in the future, with excellent paying jobs close to home and bring Carlsbad into the 21st Century. Community Choice Energy is one part of this vision and will give energy democracy to residents, decrease the cost of energy and water, and create a new and dependable source of revenue for Carlsbad.

"Community Choice energy providers are not beholden to multi-million dollar CEO salaries or shareholder returns, but rather to stable, competitive pricing for consumers and increasingly resilient, clean, and local energy systems.  According to CalCCA, to date, CCAs in California have contracted for over 1,300 Megawatts (MW) of clean generation capacity, and supported over 4,270 jobs." (source)

Powerful Impacts for Community Choice:

  • 940,388 MT greenhouse gases avoided as of 2016
  • $89,088,000 estimated on-bill savings as of 2018
  • 2,554,503 estimated customer accounts as of 2018
  • 29 clean energy projects around the state (source)


Many of Carlsbad’s most frustrating issues have come from a decade of poor, shortsighted, and developer-driven planning. Overcrowding, traffic, and incompatible development projects that have drastically diminished the quality of life of our residents. Through responsible and community-focused planning we can secure a bright, inclusive future that will preserve our beloved open spaces and small beach town feel, while prioritizing the interests of our residents over big developers and profit-driven corporate interests while fulfilling our City Charter's stated intent to allow, "the voters to exercise the maximum degree of control over land use matters within the City of Carlsbad."