Putting Our Residents First.
A Vision for Our Future.


When I ran for Council in 2016, I made a commitment to Carlsbad to work hard toward the meaningful engagement of our residents, to increase transparency in government, and for a future in sustainability and cleantech that would preserve our small beach town feel, make our quality-of-life a top priority, celebrate our diversity, and ensure Carlsbad's economic future.

You can read my original commitments to the community from my 2016 platform below. I remain dedicated to these core community values and have included links to some examples of when and how I worked specifically on my commitments to our community in the links that follow each bullet point. Nothing in my platform points has been changed from when I ran last year. We still have more work to do, Carlsbad, and I am more committed now than ever to working with you on a vision that is rooted in our past, while looking forward to our future. 

You may find during reading some of the topics addressed in the links I have provided, that Carlsbad would greatly benefit from having more votes on Council with a dedication to putting our residents first

Here are the key items I will be focusing on in my run for Mayor in 2018:

1. Community: Residents First; Increase Transparency; Meaningful Community Engagement

2. Economy/Environment: Vision to center Clean and Blue Tech in our future.

3. Planning: Intelligent, Guided Growth; Local Control

  • Clean technology is any product or service that improves operational performance, productivity, or efficiency while reducing costs, inputs, energy consumption, waste, or environmental pollution.” Clean tech is more than green: "Cleantech is new technology and related business models offering competitive returns for investors and customers while providing solutions to global challenges." Clean and green tech are set to become the biggest business drivers in San Diego and I believe Carlsbad is perfectly situated to be the premiere location for these highly compatible and lucrative industries in our region.  

    I am committed to supporting a healthy diversity of business in Carlsbad in order to keep our local economy robust and resilient. In Carlsbad, approximately 25% of all capital revenue is received as a result of development revenues. This ends once we hit our "build-out" point. Rather than relying on the seasonal and unpredictable tourism and hospitality industry to fill in this gap, Carlsbad needs an economic vision committed to attracting and retaining the talent and businesses of Clean and Green tech, industries that represent hundreds of billions of dollars in global, value-added products and services ranging from biodegradable bags to innovative non-petroleum based, bio-chemical molecules that can be used in everyday products. Creating clean tech careers in Carlsbad will also allow residents, now and in the future, the opportunity to find excellent paying careers close to home.

    2018 Update:

    "Environmentalism colliding generatively with economic vitality toward a sustainable and innovative future for Carlsbad."

    Newsletter: Innovate into the future. Tackling the unfunded pension liability by dreaming big and acting locally.

    A vision for our future that is not economically reliant on recreational tourism and development, but is focused instead on constructing an ecology of cutting edge innovation in the Clean and Blue Tech realms that begins with democratizing energy consumption through Community Choice Energy and building on partnerships with neighboring cities, utilities, and private business to develop local, renewable clean/green energy generation and storage projects, which will lead to decreased costs for ratepayers and help us reach green house gas reduction targets expediently.

    In addition, the opportunity exists to develop a cleantech campus on the Encina Power Plant site where innovation meets a different kind of "visitor serving" economy: ecotechtourism (scientists, academics, engineers, educators, students). State of the art on-campus energy and water tech incubators could provide hands-on experience of a novel, 100% renewable energy-driven, self-sufficient desalination plant connected to utility-scale energy storage for decreased water and energy costs in the future. The idea is to couple energy and water security on the site in a way that has not been done to date.


  • Local Control. I have listened to residents and their concerns about overcrowding, traffic, density, and how current plans to push rapid development will negatively impact our quality-of-life and public safety. I have also listened to local Carlsbad businesses and their concerns about losing the zoning they need to remain in Carlsbad and continue to expand. I will protect and uphold responsible and fair land use decisions in Carlsbad.* The people have spoken: we must preserve our open space and we must support an ethical, fair, and inclusive future for every resident and business in Carlsbad. We need a strong, unifying vision for our future, one that does not cater to wealthy development interests and real estate magnates, but fulfills our City Charter's stated intent to allow "the voters to exercise the maximum degree of control over land use matters within the City of Carlsbad."

    2018 Update:

    *"I will protect and uphold responsible and fair land use decisions in Carlsbad."

    See Newsletter topic "Item #10: Amendment to the Current Village Master Plan..." to pave the way for allowing a distillery 100ft. from the Boys and Girls Club on Carlsbad Mayor Matt Hall's property in the village.

    Received the League Presidential appointment to the Housing, Community, and Economic Development Policy Committee for 2018, to work on policy and legislation to reset the balance of Local Control, public engagement, and affordable housing needs in the State of California.

    See Newsletter topics "15 new housing laws" and "Enhanced public engagement/outreach."

  • Intelligent, guided growth. The City's Growth Management Plan (GMP) should be amended with input from our residents to clearly define what percentage of growth per 3-5 years is acceptable in order to decrease the impacts of simultaneous, large scale developments, and attending infrastructure improvements, on residents across quadrants. The GMP unit counts should also include some commercial living units in its growth management numbers. There are many instances that projects are approved that increase impacts on our infrastructure and lived experiences, while remaining hidden for purposes of on-paper GMP unit counts.

    Update 2018:

    See Newsletter Council Goals Workshop, February 21, 2017: "Update Growth Management Program"


    "We have updated our General Plan and Land Use Maps. We are in the process of a comprehensive update to our Local Coastal Program and Zoning maps. It's time for a new Growth Management Plan (GMP). 

    I am advocating that we make one of our goals an updated GMP, a GMP that will, for example, take into consideration the following: geographical differences in planning for density near transit (e.g. North Carlsbad and South Carlsbad have different GMP needs), the predominance of infill development moving forward, ensuring sufficient transit is in place prior to decreasing parking requirements for density bonus and inclusionary housing purposes, the impacts on our infrastructure and facilities due to staff working at professional care facilities (and other commercial living units), and a new policy related to the counting of timeshares for the purposes of dwelling unit numbers. 

    Our original GMP was developed during a time when growth was sprawling, not consolidating, a time when lower density ruled the day. We are no longer in that era. It's time our GMP reflected the reality of the era we are in and moving toward." 

    Parking issues in the Village and Barrio impact quality-of-life and negatively impacting business access in the Village. 
    See Newsletter topic "Item #18: Village, Barrio and Beach Area Parking Management Plan"


  • Meaningful community engagement that listens to diverse voices and respects the will of the people of Carlsbad.
    Carlsbad is full of intelligent, innovative residents who need to be more meaningfully engaged in our future by our local government. This requires more creative and active methods of engaging our community, rather than the passive engagement we have traditionally experienced with the current City Council.

    Update 2018:

    7 public outreach/town hall events in 2017 from North Carlsbad to South Carlsbad, nearly 40 newsletters written and sent via email and on social media (partial archive), 4 social media platforms, (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Nextdoor), and weekly open office hours.  

    In 2018, I hosted a Community Conversation about the County's Palomar Airport Master Plan.


  • Advocate for the people. My first priority has been and will continue to be listening to the people of Carlsbad. The City needs new leadership that is committed to our Core Values and a unified vision of Carlsbad, not simply in rhetoric, but in practice, in order to make the best decisions for our community, not for developers and real estate interests.

    Update 2018: 

    Carlsbad residents and I worked together on the following: Launching lifeguard pilot program on our North Beaches after 30 years of resident requests; a change in policy to eliminate synthetic pesticide (e.g. glyphosate/Round-Up) use on all City maintained properties; a proactive, citywide response to the Hepatitis A outbreak; an ordinance that restricts oversized vehicle parking in marked (targets vehicle camping on our streets and dumping biohazardous waste in our storm water system, which goes directly to the ocean); and a continued effort to bring the Palomar Airport Expansion/Extension forward for public review.


  • Transparency in government and restoring the people's confidence in the competency and integrity of local government. This means a more actively open and transparent government that is responsive and accountable to the citizens of Carlsbad.

    Update 2018: 

    As a sitting SANDAG member, one of my first actions was digging into the aggregation error that haunted SANDAG in 2017. I joined others in demanding accountability and transparency from the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG), including calling on the SANDAG Board to insist on Executive Director Gary Gallegos' resignation in order to begin the process of rebuilding the public's trust at this essential agency: 

    "There is quite clearly a dysfunctional, demoralizing internal culture here that is not conducive to good governance or transparency," said Cori Schumacher, a Carlsbad City Council member and an alternate board member. "The responsibility here falls squarely on the executive leadership team, and specifically Mr. Gallegos. I would ask this board to call for Mr. Gallegos to resign."

    Worked with City and SANDAG staff to bring the Buena Vista Lagoon Enhancement Project Environmental Impact Report before the Council and the public for discussion and Letter of Recommendation in support of SANDAG staff's saltwater alternative option. 

    Ongoing work with residents and staff to bring the Palomar Airport Expansion/Extension conversation before the public. 

  • Environmental Justice and sustainability that balances the economic, social, and environmental needs of Carlsbad and our region. I will strongly support a transition in Carlsbad to 100% renewable energy by 2035. We can start today by working to give residents more choices when it comes to energy providers through Community Choice Energy. This will allow citizens the option to purchase greener energy at the best rates. 

    Update 2018: 

    Working with residents and advocating for an organic pesticide policy that effectively moves Carlsbad toward a non-toxic future. See article in the San Diego Union Tribune.

    “Asked to choose between aesthetics and public health … I’m going to choose public health every time,” she said. “There’s a request for us to take the lead here."

    The City is engaged in a feasibility study with neighboring cities on Community Choice Energy. Included in the portfolio will be the Energy Storage opportunities discussed in the Clean technology section above. See Newsletter topic "Item #10: Energy Storage Systems Presentation


I look forward to continuing this work with you, Carlsbad! 


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